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Focus on Inflation

Students may have heard their grandparents telling them that they remember when a gallon of gas cost a quarter, or a loaf of bread cost a dime. But those numbers by themselves don’t tell us how expensive things used to be compared to now. Inflation plays a role in how far our dollar goes today compared to the “good old days”.

Inflation continues to be in the news and students see the price of goods and services rising. Why do we care about inflation? How is it measured? Use these materials to help your students understand the facts about our rising price levels.


Economic Indicators for Informed Citizens

Newly updated! This lesson introduces students to three basic economic indicators: real GDP, the inflation rate, and the unemployment rate....
Key Concepts: Consumer Price Index (CPI), Employment and Unemployment, Gross Domestic Product (GDP)…
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Was Babe Ruth Under Paid?

Updated with 2022 MLB information! This lesson demonstrates a method for teaching students about inflation and the Consumer Price Index,...
Key Concepts: Inflation, Markets and Prices
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Inflation 101

In this lesson, you will learn about what inflation is, why you should care about it, and how the Federal...
Key Concepts: Inflation
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Inflation Video and Quiz

This video teaches the concept of Inflation, which is an increase in the average price level in the economy.
Key Concepts: Economic Institutions, Fiscal Policy, GDP
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