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Grade 9-12

Financial Institutions and Services

Time: 135 mins,
Updated: August 23 2023,


Students will be able to:

  • Determine the appropriate financial institution to use for various types of financial services.
  • Determine the appropriate financial service for different situations.
  • Explain the steps taken to set up and manage a checking account.


This lesson has two parts – one on financial institutions and one on checking accounts. Part I of the lesson provides an overview of several common types of financial institutions and their advantages and disadvantages. Students examine the types of services available from financial institutions. Part II of the lesson stresses the main features and the mechanics of using checking accounts, while also highlighting some more recent payment options.

In this personal finance lesson, students will look into financial institutions to learn about personal investing.

Book Info

This lesson is part of Financial Fitness for Life 9-12, 3rd Edition and provides the slides and activities with educational technology tools. For full access to the book, shop the teacher guide and student workbook below.

Teacher Guide

Student Workbook

Available in eBook and hard copy

Available in eBook and hard copy

Personal Finance