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Who Gets More than Their Fair Share?

This lesson has students continue to explore a variety of ways to share, particularly when an obvious solution is not...
Key Concepts: Economic Institutions, Economic Systems, Market Structure
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Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard

Ben & Jerry are producers of ice cream. Even if they produce ice cream for the entire nation, they still...
Key Concepts: Choice, Entrepreneurs, Goods and Services…
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Lemon Squeeze - The Lemonade Stand

Everyone has at one time or another opened a lemonade or Kool-Aid Stand. What a great place to begin an...
Key Concepts: Demand, Markets, Markets and Prices
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Inventive Incentive

There are many ways in which people are rewarded or penalized for doing, or not doing, their work. These are...
Key Concepts: Choice, Incentive
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From Butterflies to Buffaloes

Nature tourism, also known as ecotourism, is a fast growing segment of the tourism industry. In this lesson, students learn...
Key Concepts: Goods and Services, Markets, Producers…
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Making Cents out of Centimes

Students will learn that most countries create their own currency for use as money. In most of Europe that money...
Key Concepts: Foreign Exchange
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Who Pays for City Hall?

The students take a virtual field trip to City Hall in this kid-friendly site. This beginning civics/economic lesson will introduce...
Key Concepts: Communities and Cities, Roles of Government
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The Mystery of the Amazing Farmers

In this lesson you will be taking on the role of an an investigative reporter to solve the Amazing Farmer...
Key Concepts: Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, Division of Labor/Specialization, Goods and Services
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Free Ride

Free Ride helps students identify goods and services provided by the government and evaluate the cost of government provided goods...
Key Concepts: GDP, Goods and Services, Roles of Government
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Car Shopping in a Command Economy

Contrary to US methods of distribution (namely prices), the Soviet Union used different methods of distribution of its goods during...
Key Concepts: Economic Systems, Incentive, Markets and Prices
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Nothing to Buy

Students compare the Soviet-era marketplace with present-day Russian marketplace.
Key Concepts: Choice, Income Distribution, Roles of Government…
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