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Destination: Mars

Look up! Can you ever imagine standing on another planet and looking down at earth? We've been to the moon...
Key Concepts: Choice, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Goods and Services…
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Banks, Bankers, Banking

Students will demonstrate understanding of the processes associated with banking by role- playing as customers, tellers, and guards.
Key Concepts: Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, Demand, Economic Institutions…
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When Gas was a Quarter!

Why do things cost so much more now than they used to? Students will find out about inflation in the...
Key Concepts: Employment and Unemployment, Fiscal Policy
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Clean Land - Thanks to US!

In this lesson about the EPA, students will find out that their government pays for goods and services by taxing...
Key Concepts: Market Structures, Roles of Government
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Why Work Now?

Why do people work so hard? Why aren't you just assigned a job that you are interested in and get...
Key Concepts: Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, Division of Labor/Specialization, Goods and Services
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Banking is INTEREST-ing!

Banks are important to Americans. We use banks to save money and earn interest, or borrow money and pay interest....
Key Concepts: Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, Economic Institutions
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Jelly Belly Jam

In this lesson students will make a decision making chart and use it to help them in deciding which flavor...
Key Concepts: Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis
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Making Sense of the Census

The United States takes a Census every 10 years. How does the country use those statistics?
Key Concepts: Roles of Government
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The Little Red Hen

The Little Red Hen is a classic story for nearly all adults, and many children. Here it is retold and...
Key Concepts: Entrepreneurs, Goods and Services, Incentive
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What Are Incentives?

Students will understand that incentives are used to encourage them to make good choices. After identifying incentives offered at home...
Key Concepts: Choice, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Incentive
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Old Toy - New Market

Students explore the LEGOLAND theme parks and demonstrate an understanding of how new markets can be created and that cultural...
Key Concepts: Goods and Services, Markets, Profit
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Clickety Clack, Let's Keep Track!

This lesson will show students the importance of keeping track of their savings.
Key Concepts: Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, Budgeting, Choice…
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Who Gets More than Their Fair Share?

This lesson has students continue to explore a variety of ways to share, particularly when an obvious solution is not...
Key Concepts: Economic Institutions, Economic Systems, Market Structure
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Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard

Ben & Jerry are producers of ice cream. Even if they produce ice cream for the entire nation, they still...
Key Concepts: Choice, Entrepreneurs, Goods and Services…
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Lemon Squeeze - The Lemonade Stand

Everyone has at one time or another opened a lemonade or Kool-Aid Stand. What a great place to begin an...
Key Concepts: Demand, Markets, Markets and Prices
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