Grade K-2, 3-5

Making Choices

Time: 20 mins,
Updated: November 17 2021,


Students will be able to:

  • Apply decision-making principles to a real-life situation

In this economics activity, students will practice making a choice between two different goods.


This individual activity requires students to make choices and identify their opportunity costs by looking at the picture show on Slide 2. We make choices because we cannot have everything we want. To make good choices, we need to compare the benefits (the things we like; the good or positive features) with the costs (the things we do not like; the not-so-good or negative features). Every time we make a choice, we are deciding to give up something else, which is our opportunity cost. Students will answer the questions to help make a choice between the two goods shown inn either the Quizizz Activity or ReadyAssessments Activity.To complete this activity, students should follow the directions below:

  1. Look at the picture shown here: Slide 2 Image. What do you see? Yes, it is a bag of Cheetos and an apple.
  2. Answer these questions to help make a choice between the two goods in either the Quizizz Activity or ReadyAssessments Activity.