Grade 9-12

Planning an International Trip

Time: 20 mins,
Updated: April 3 2023,


Students will be able to:

  • Calculate and compare exchange rates for different countries.

In this economics activity, students compare the cost of traveling to three international locations.


This is an individual activity where students will calculate the exchange rates for three different countries and determine which is the best bet for their money. Students will complete the activity with one of the following formats: Quizizz, Worksheet, or ReadyAssessments Activity.

To complete this activity, students need to follow the directions below:

  1. You have $1,500 to spend over and above your airline ticket to visit a foreign country. Narrow your choices to three countries and calculate the exchange rates for each country. Determine which of the three countries would be the best vacation destination (based on where your money would be worth the most).
  2. Choose which format you want to complete the Planning an International Trip Activity: Planning an International Trip Quizizz, Planning an International Trip Worksheet, or Planning an International Trip ReadyAssessments.