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Grade K-2

Woof! Woof! At Your Service

Updated: March 20 2014,

Woof! Woof! At Your Service helps demonstrate that economic desires can be satisfied by providing goods and services.Identifies goods and services provided by one small business Differentiates between goods and services


Have student draw a picture of a local business. Ask what the business sells. List the following businesses and ask the students to describe in one word what each of the businesses sells:

  • Grocery store (food)
  • Clothing store (clothes)
  • Jewelry store (jewelry)
  • Restaurant (food)
  • Toy store (toys)
  • Book store (books)
  • Gas Station (gasoline)

Explain that some businesses sell "goods", material objects that you can touch, just like in the examples above. Other businesses sell services, or "help" from people who are experienced in that line of work. Then, list the following businesses, and ask the students to describe in what each of the following businesses sells.

  • Dry cleaners (clothes cleaning service)
  • Janitorial service (building or office cleaning service)
  • Lawn Care business (lawn fertilizing and cutting service)
  • Pet sitting business (pet feeding and walking)
  • Banks (money holding and check cashing)
  • Auto repair business (fixes cars)
  • Airline (transportation)
  • Day care (child care)

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate that economic desires can be satisfied by providing goods and services.
  • Identify goods and services provided by one small business.
  • Differentiate between goods and services.

Resource List

  • Creature Comforts: This website shows a kennel which prides itself in providing excellent service to its customers. 
  • A Day at the Kennel: Slideshow of a day spent at a local dog kennel.
    A Day at the Kennel
  • Drag and Drop Activity: Students drag and drop good and services for dogs into their proper categories.
    Drag and Drop Activity


Activity 1

Explain to the students that many businesses provide both goods and services. One example is a landscaping business, which provides goods (bushes, trees, fertilizer, soil) and services (cutting the lawn, pruning the bushes, planting the flowers). Explain that they are going to look at pictures and video clips of the daily operation at a kennel, a business which provides cares for animals, and they will try to identify all of the goods and services. Have the students watch the slideshow below. While students are watching, they should be thinking of what goods and services the kennel provides.

Visit a Kennel

Individually, in pairs, in small groups or as a class, have students generate two lists: one list of kennel goods and one list of kennel services.



1. 1.
2. 2.
3. 3.
4. 4.
5. 5.
6. 6.
7. 7.

Then, reconvene as a class and share the lists

Activity 2

Have the students complete the following drag and drop activity.

Drag and Drop Activity


As a warm-up, they should visit the Creature Comforts site (gotpaws.net/) . This is another kennel, which prides itself in providing excellent service to its customers. Then, have students choose a local business and list each of the goods and services it provides.

Extension Activity

The lesson "Dog Gone Job" which relates to specialization in the workforce.