Grade 9-12
On-Demand Webinar

2023 Winter Economics Bootcamp: Macroeconomics Afternoon Session with Theresa Fischer

Time: 180 mins,
Presenter: theresa fischer


In this webinar teachers will be able to:

  • Look are new resources for their classroom
  • Have simulations that they can use for any class in economics
  • Help students understand the issues facing the political area

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Teachers will have an opportunity to delve into the serious topics of money, interest and its effect on the economy. When Keynes says “ In the long run we are all dead” do we really believe this or what can we do so that we have long term growth in the long run. We want our students to understand the importance of long-term growth and how they can participate and contribute to this policy. Now that we are so global, we need to understand how what we do in the USA affects the value of our dollar and trade. We will share new websites, readings and simulations to help students understand and appreciate our economic system and its values. These are for all levels of economics and can be tailored to all types of learners.