Grade 3-5, 6-8
On-Demand Webinar

Women Making Choices: Athletes, Artists, and Activists

Time: 60 mins,
Presenter: Lynne Stover


Teachers will be able to:

  • Celebrate Woman’s History Month by learning about the choices made by women athletes, artists, and activists including Lucile Godbold, Serena Williams, Aretha Franklin, Maya Lin, Rosa Parks, Dolores Huerta.
  • Consider the benefits of using children’s literature to teach in the content areas.
  • Review the economic concepts of decision-making, choices, human capital, and incentives.
  • Consider a cost/benefit grid as applied to an important decision.
  • Construct a PACED decision-making grid based on a specific event.
  • Discover methods for teaching the featured concepts using lessons created for the upper elementary and middle school classrooms.

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Lucile Godbold, Serena Williams, Aretha Franklin, Maya Lin, Rosa Parks, Dolores Huerta. Some of the choices made by the women featured in this session were well-planned, others were spontaneous. However, all these decisions defined who they were and their historical influence. Would their life stories have been different if they had completed a cost and benefit analysis or filled out a PACED decision-making grid? This session includes classroom ready lessons, enrichment activities, supporting material resources, and a topical bibliography. The titles featured are “Long-Armed Ludy and the First Women’s Olympics” by Jean Patrick, “Sisters and Champions: The True Story of Venus and Serena Williams” by Howard Brant, “May Lin: Artist-Architect of Light and Lines” by Jeanne Walker, “RESPECT: Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul” by Carole Boston Weatherford, “Dolores Huerta: A Hero to Migrant Workers” by Sarah Warren, and “Rosa” by Nikki Giovanni.