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Lynne Stover

James Madison University
Bridgewater, VA

Lynne has over thirty-five years of experience as an educator and is currently a Teacher Consultant at the James Madison University Center for Economic Education. She is the author of five teacher resource books, including Fantastic Social Studies Lessons Using Literature (Pieces of Learning, 2005).

Lynne says, "EconEdLink has given me a venue to share my two passions: economic education and children's literature. Teachers tell me that because of their packed schedules and standards focused curriculum, it's more important than ever to teach interdisciplinary lessons. I'm more than happy to help them out."

Published Resources

Curious George Economics

Use the lovable character Curious George to capture student attention while teaching about personal finance and …
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Did You Get the Message?

Updated! In this economic lesson, students will view TV ads to learn advertising incentives and strategies.
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Believe it or Not?

In this economic lesson, students will explain fact and opinion in advertisements.
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I Can Be an Entrepreneur

In this personal finance lesson, students explore entrepreneurship by earning money and advertising their busine…
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