Grade 3-5, K-2
On-Demand Webinar

Women’s History Month featuring STEM Picture Books: Science, Technology, Economics, and Math

March 08 6:00-7:00pm ET
Time: 60 mins ,
Updated: March 9 2023,
Presenter: Lynne Stover


In this webinar teachers will:

  • Celebrate Woman’s History Month by learning about five women who excelled in math and science.
  • Consider the benefits of using children’s literature to teach in the content area.
  • Review the economic concepts of decision-making, opportunity cost, investing in human capital, and incentives and learn how to apply these concepts to the featured books.
  • Discover methods for teaching the featured concepts using lessons created for the elementary classroom.
    • Discuss the possibilities of enriching each book’s content to extended science, math, and technology activities.

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Learn about some brilliant women who defied the norm and excelled in the sciences; contributing to advances in technology, mathematics and space exploration. This session includes creative problem solving, social commentary, and the concept of non-monetary incentives. Classroom ready lessons, activities, resources, and a topical bibliography will be provided. The featured picture books: “The Girl with a Mind for Math” by Julia Finley Mosca, “Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code” by Laurie Wallmark, “Hedy Lamarr’s Double Life: Hollywood Legend and Brilliant Inventor” by Laurie Wallmark, “Margaret and the Moon” by Dean Robbins, and “Secret Engineer: How Emily Roebling Built the Brooklyn Bridge” by Rachel Dougherty.