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Grade 9-12

Allocating Goods and Services

Time: 30 mins,
Updated: January 25 2022,


Students will be able to:

  • Determine how personal attributes affect the allocation of goods and services.

In this economics activity, students will match individuals with their preferred methods of allocating goods and services.


This activity is an individual activity where students will complete a matching game. Select between the ReadyAssessments Matching Activity or the Matching Game Worksheet. Every society needs a system for allocating resources. Regardless of the system used, there is never enough to satisfy everyone because resources are limited and wants are unlimited. To complete this activity, students need to follow the directions below:

    1. In the ReadyAssessments Matching or Matching Game Worksheet activity, you will match the person with the allocation method he or she would most likely favor to get the product he or she wants. After completing the matches, write a brief summary explaining why you chose each pair.