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Valentine's Day Resources

Use an arts and crafts activity, like making Valentine's Day hearts, to teach students about human and capital resources.
Key Concepts: Capital Resources, Human Resources
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Valentine's Day Greeting Card Production

Working in small groups, students participate in a production simulation (making Valentine's Day greeting cards) to determine the effects of...
Key Concepts: Costs of Production, Diminishing Marginal Utility, Productive Resources…
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NEW! Can We End Housing Insecurity?

Students compare the economic costs and benefits of helping people who are experiencing housing insecurity and consider the ethical implications.
Key Concepts: Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Role of Government
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Peanuts, Pecans, and Peas, Please

Updated! George Washington Carver, a great scientist, changed the economy of the South with his agricultural knowledge. This lesson will...
Key Concepts: Economic Systems, Entrepreneurs
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NEW! Can You Be Fashionable and Ethical?

Students “produce” blue jeans and make business choices about production to simulate the decision of changing from more expensive, but...
Key Concepts: Costs of Production, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Externalities…
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NEW! What Can We Do About Pollution?

Students play charades to mimic noise pollution and consider the question "what can be done if someone's choices are putting...
Key Concepts: Externalities, Markets and Prices, Role of Government
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On This Day in Economic History