Are you a high school teacher? Learn More about National Personal Finance Challenge (NPFC)! 

Engage your students by participating in the National Personal Finance Challenge (NPFC), a fun and motivating team competition that provides high school students the opportunity to get financially savvy and demonstrate their money management skills in the six knowledge areas of personal finance: earning income, spending, saving, investing, managing credit, and managing risk.

The NPFC Begins in Your Classroom 

Reinforce your personal finance curriculum in a fun and engaging way by having all your students prepare and compete. Every year, thousands of students compete at the local, regional, and national levels for a chance to compete for the NPFC National Championship.  

Use the NPFC to Build Your Students’ Critical Thinking Skills 

In the first round of the NPFC, student teams compete in a fun online 30-question challenge. High-scoring student teams are invited to their state finals State champions proceed to the National competition, where teams use their knowledge to create a financial plan for a fictitious family scenario. The top 16 teams in the National Finals will advance to compete for the national championship title in a Quiz Bowl.  

Coaching is Easy 

The NPFC is free and we have created a NPFC toolkit with creative personal finance lessons, interactive activities, informative videos, and quizzes. We have everything you need to help you and your team to be successful!  

Participation is Rewarding    

Embark on this unforgettable experience with your students. While in Cleveland, ALL EXPENSES are covered including food, hotel, and events (transportation to/from state of origin excluded). The top four teams win cash prizes at our exciting in-person National Finals in Cleveland. 

Create Life-Long Memories While Boosting Students’ College Applications 

The NPFC is a competition that encourages teamwork and school spirit and is sure to create life-long memories for your students! It is also a great extracurricular activity for your students’ resumes that will elevate their academic profiles and help their college applications stand out.  

Register your teams TODAY! There’s no limit on the number of student teams you can enter, so use the NPFC as an engaging classroom activity!


Cash prize details 

1st place: $2,000 
2nd place: $1,000 
3rd place: $500 
4th place: $250  


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