Unemployment 101

This collection provides instruction on unemployment and how it is characterized by national data. Students will learn about why some jobless are considered unemployed while others aren’t, how unemployment data are collected, and the concept of unemployment benefits.



High School Economics: Unemployment Survey

In this economics lesson plan, students conduct their own employment survey to calculate an unemployment rate.
Key Concepts: Labor Force, Unemployment, Unemployment Rate

The Unemployment Game

In this economics lesson, students will participate in a labor market to learn about unemployment rate.
Key Concepts: Employment and Unemployment

Unemployment Data: Is the Economy Healthy?

In this economics lesson, students will learn about economic data and what they communicate about the health of the economy.
Key Concepts: Business Cycles, Employment and Unemployment


Professional Development

Unemployment Survey Lesson Demo

In this economics lesson demo video, teachers will learn how to model Lesson 18 from CEE’s High School Economics publication. 
Key Concepts: Employment and Unemployment