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Updated: August 25 2023,
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Right now, the level of student debt in the United States is an astounding 1.6 trillion dollars. That’s a terrible financial burden, and it keeps growing every year.

At College Money Matters, Inc., we don’t want that trend to continue. So we formed a nonprofit organization based on this simple idea: Any student able to get into college can learn how to avoid paying too much in loans.

Our focus is on reaching students and their families before they start borrowing money for college – so they can make smart decisions that maximize their college choices and minimize their debt.

What you’ll find on this site reflects what students told us they needed to understand, delivered in the way they told us they wanted to learn.


Many teachers and counselors have told us they wished they had a resource to share with their high school juniors and seniors on how to pay for college without incurring too much debt.  College Money Matters is a nonprofit with the mission to do just that. is a website and YouTube channel that is designed for, and has been tested on, today’s high school juniors and seniors.  It is engaging and informative and features videos, short articles, interactive games, and infographics to help you and students find the things they need to learn about.  Topics include:

  • Selecting a school
  • College Expenses
  • Loans
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarship and Grants
  • Test your knowledge
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