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Grade 9-12

Econland Macroeconomics Simulation

Time: 60 mins,
Updated: December 13 2021,


Students will be able to:

  • Learn all the major economic concepts of a Macroeconomics course through active analysis and decision making and provides a deeper understanding of real world events using Macroeconomic concepts.
  • Understand Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, GDP (incl. each of its individual components), Unemployment, Inflation, Productivity and related concepts. Econland also enables students to understand the linkages between these topics.
  • Develop student thinking about economic modelling, including its uses and limitations.
Open Activity

In this economics activity, students go deeper understanding real world events using Macroeconomic concepts.


Econland is an award winning simulation game and learning platform that teaches students about Macroeconomics in an entertaining and hands-on way. Students manage the economy of a country subject to the ups and downs of the global economic environment through a seven year business cycle. Players make monetary and fiscal policy decisions in order to maximize GDP growth and minimize inflation, unemployment and the budget deficit. Results are summarized in an approval rating that the population gives to the government for its economics policies and are backed up by detailed reports.

Econland also contains a range of learning resources that link the game to the curriculum and to the real world, including a quiz with a test back of questions, a weekly newsletter (Econland News), explainer videos and more.