Grade 9-12

GameStop Trial by Jury

Time: 30 mins,
Updated: April 12 2024,


Students will be able to:

  • analyze the effects of short-trading in the GameStop Short Squeeze event.
  • debate on the innocence or guilt of people/groups who were part of the GameStop Short Squeeze event.

In this economics activity, students will have a discussion/debate about GameStop Short Squeeze.


This activity is discussion-based where 4-5 students will be placed in groups or virtual rooms. You, as the teacher, will select one of the 3 discussion prompts and provide the resources below:

  • Wallstreetbets: Is Wallstreetbets guilty of manipulating the stock market?

YouTube Video: Illegal Trading on GameStop or WallStreetBets: The Stonkening?

Article: Will Wallstreetbets Face SEC Scrutiny?

  • Investment firms: All investment firms tried to push the stock down with short-selling. Should they be guilty of manipulating the stock market?

Article: SEC Hunts For Fraud In Social Media Posts Targeting Gamestop

Article: SEC Looking For Fraud In Gamestop Surge

  • Robinhood: Is Robinhood guilty of damages because their actions were unfair and unlawful?

Article: Investigations Into GameStop Trading And Reddit

Video: GameStop Hearing: Live Updates

Prompt your students with the following scenario:

“You are a jury. This person/group is accused of a crime. Your group has to decide whether or not they are innocent or guilty. As a group, you will review the resources I will provide you. You must record the evidence in arguable sides on a paper or doc. Discuss your notes with your group. The consensus must be unanimous. You must submit a copy of your group’s case notes.”