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Grade 9-12

Money, Monetary Policy, and the Federal Reserve Video Series and Quiz

Time: 55 mins,
Updated: March 5 2020,


Students will be able to:

  • Understand the powers and functions of the Fed, especially open market operations and the money multiplier.
  • Explain why some kinds of monetary policy makes sense in certain situations as opposed to others.
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In this economics video series, students will learn about the powers and functions of the Federal Reserve.


Everything you need to know about the Fed in nine engaging videos. Topics include the functions and powers of the Fed, the U.S. money supplies, the money multiplier, OMO’s, the federal funds rate, the Fed’s role as lender of last resort, and the virtues and shortcomings of monetary policy in response to both demand and real shocks. Among the highlights is a video about how the Fed’s operations have changed since new rules were implemented in 2008.