Grade 9-12

Thinking in Webs: Hexagon Personal Finance Puzzle

Time: 45 mins,
Updated: March 26 2024,


Students will be able to:

  • Define and explain relationships between various personal finance terms.


Warm-up/Pre-assessment Activity

Distribute Activity sheet – Vocabulary to students. In small groups, have the students discuss the
listed terms on the Activity Sheet. Suggested questions for discussion include: Have the
students previously heard of the terms? What do these terms mean? After a few
minutes of small group discussion, ask for feedback from each group as to how many of
these terms they understand and give examples of evidence of their understanding.
During this warm up activity, students should complete the definition column of the
activity sheet.


Explain and demonstrate the procedure for the hexagon puzzle.
1. Distribute one set of Hexagon Activity Cards to each group of students (26 cards total).
2. Explain that the goal is to connect at least 20 cards/terms.
3. Tell the students that they will need to provide definitions and explain the
connections between cards verbally to the teacher.
Note: There is no singular correct answer for solving the puzzle. The ‘correct’ answer is
determined by students’ explaining how the cards/terms are connected. Answers will
vary based on each student’s understanding of the concept.

Group Activity

Students will complete the hexagon puzzle by working in small groups connecting the
puzzle pieces. As students connect the Hexagon Activity Cards together, they can reference and
complete their activity sheet. As the activity is ongoing, the teacher will monitor each
group’s progress and redirect as needed by asking relevant questions. It is during this
monitoring that students will explain their connections of different cards/terms to the

Individual Activity

After completion of the hexagon puzzle, students will find pictures or examples of the
terms for the 3rd column on the Activity sheet – Vocabulary. Next, students will relate each term to
another personal finance term so that they can fill in the last column on the Activity

Students will complete the Budgeting assessment activity.

Students will complete one of the finance games on this page: .
Reality Check is recommended.

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