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The Council for Economic Education offers free professional development training wherever you are. Watch a webinar for a minimum of 45 minutes and you will receive a certificate of completion within 24 hours. Click here to learn how to use our webinars for professional development hours.

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Quickbooks by Intuit, Pt. 2

In this economics webinar, bring real world tools into the classroom by using student- friendly demonstrations of QuickBooks
Key Concepts: Consumer Economics, Employment and Unemployment, Technology
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Quickbooks by Intuit, Pt. 1

In this personal finance webinar, prepare those students who plan to own or work for a small business.
Key Concepts: Demand, Employment and Unemployment, Money
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Taxation for College Counselors

In this personal finance webinar, learn about using TurboTax by Intuit software to show tips for college access and future...
Key Concepts: Budgeting, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis
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