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Grade 9-12
On-Demand Webinar

AP Macroeconomic Series: Using Stories and News Events to Animate Your Balance of Payments Accounts Lessons

December 05 5:00-6:00pm ET
Time: 60 mins,
Updated: January 19 2023,
Presenter: Martha Rush


In this webinar teachers will be able to:

  •  Explain why the balance of payments must balance using historical anecdotes, like Time Magazine’s 1987 “For Sale: America” cover
  • Help students more easily distinguish current and CFA account transactions
  • Help students articulate their understanding of credit and debit in the balance of payments accounts

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The best moments in AP Macro develop out of simulations that help students experience concepts like the Production Possibilities Curve, the Circular Flow, and the interactions in a Market. But when we get to difficult, more abstract topics like “Balance of Payments”, it can be hard to keep students engaged. It’s important for teachers to feel confident in their own grasp of these topics – and to build up a repertoire of personal stories and news articles that illustrate the real-world nature of these topics. In this webinar, we’ll focus on making the balance of payments relevant and accessible, as well as helping students learn to apply this technical vocabulary correctly. We will utilize the A.P. Macroeconomics 4th Edition: Teacher Resource Manual to provide additional resources and share strategies on how to teach these concepts.