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Grade 9-12
On-Demand Webinar

Personal Finance Bootcamp: An Overview of Budgeting, Earning Income, and Spending

April 04 1:00-2:30pm ET
Time: 90 mins,
Updated: April 5 2023,
Presenter: Alex Lamon


In this session teachers will be able to

  • Explain key concepts and understand common student misconceptions in budgeting, earning income, and spending
  • Review lessons and resources that can be immediately implemented into their classrooms

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Budgeting, earning income, and spending can be challenging lessons to teach to our students. This session will primarily focus on content – what does an experienced teacher cover, what are common student (and teacher) misconceptions, and what lessons or resources can be used to bring these concepts to life in an engaging, real world way? Teachers will have the opportunity to ask a master teacher questions about pacing, resources, and more in this session


Personal Finance