Grade 9-12
On-Demand Webinar

Winter Institute – Macroeconomics: “Global Economics and Policy: A Macroeconomic Exploration”

Time: 90 mins,
Presenter: Kathleen Brennan


  • In this session teachers will:
  • Develop a clear understanding of fiscal policy, including its tools and objectives.
  • Explore the role and impact of monetary policy in regulating the economy.
  • Analyze the effects of both policies on inflation, unemployment, and economic growth.
  • Compare and contrast different fiscal and monetary policy approaches used in various global economies.


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Welcome to Day 2 afternoon sessions of the Winter Institute, focusing on Macroeconomics, led by renowned New Jersey Master Teacher Kathleen Brennan. In this session, Kathleen will encompass two pivotal lectures, each addressing crucial aspects of macroeconomic theory and practice. A comprehensive exploration of the intricacies of global economics. We’ll delve into the dynamics of international trade, examining how countries exchange goods and services and the factors driving these exchanges. A key part of our discussion will focus on understanding exchange rates – how they are determined and their impact on global trade. lecture shifts our focus to the twin pillars of economic policy: fiscal and monetary policy. We will start by examining fiscal policy, understanding how government spending and taxation influence the economy.