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Published Resources

What is Competition?

Students will understand what businesses are, that a marketplace exists whenever buyers and sellers exchange …
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Where's the Beef?

Students explore meat consumption statistics, an indicator of a nation's relative prosperity and standard…

Hey, Get a Job!

The second of a two-part unit on income-earning endeavors, this lesson has students choose a job or business to …
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Clipping Coupons

In this lesson, students will calculate savings for different products when using coupons. They will also deci…

What's My Interest?

Students explore the concept of interest by means of two activities. The first, a simple activity with jellybe…
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Banks, Bankers, Banking

Students will demonstrate understanding of the processes associated with banking by role- playing as customers,…

What Are Incentives?

Students will understand that incentives are used to encourage them to make good choices. After identifying in…
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