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Escape Rooms in the Classroom

Presenter: Andrew Menfi

In this personal finance and economics webinar, teachers will learn to apply any concept to an escape room activity.
Key Concepts: Business Costs and Revenues, Competition, Technology
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Personal Finance 103: Interest and Investing

In this personal finance webinar, teachers will learn about key personal finance concepts like investing and interest.
Key Concepts: Financial Markets, Saving and Investing
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Personal Finance Printables

In this personal finance activity book, students will complete one-page handouts including sing-a-longs, matching, and drawings.
Key Concepts: Budgeting, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Saving
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Mobile Phones Matter

In this personal finance lesson, students will research mobile apps for financial decision making.
Key Concepts: Budgeting, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis
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Opportunity Cost

In this personal finance lesson, students will identify the opportunity cost of a spending decision.
Key Concepts: Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Opportunity Cost
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