Mickey Ebert

Blue Springs, MO

Listen to Mickey Ebert in this podcast from Talking Fin Lit as she discusses creating lessons for EconEdLink.
Mickey's podcast
Mickey Ebert is an award-winning retired Blue Springs, Arkansas teacher who writes professionally in her spare time. She studied for two years in Missouri's prestigious STARR statewide excellence in education program. Mickey has had unique education experiences as a result of her 34 years in education. Her rare combination of degrees in Administration and Supervision, Economics, and K-8 Education, has granted her access to projects and travel that most educators have not had the opportunity to experience. Mickey Ebert teaches weekend graduate classes for Ottawa University and writes online graduate classes, economic lessons for EconEdLink, and grants for non-profit organizations.

Mickey says, "I love having teachers approach me when they hear my name and tell me that they teach lessons I have written for EconEdLink. It has been an honor to provide teachers with lessons to further understanding of economics in their classrooms."

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