Signe Kastberg

Purdue University
Zionsville, IN

Signe is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at Purdue University in the field of mathematics education, with an emphasis on mathematics learning and K-8 teacher education. Dr. Kastberg's expertise is in preservice teacher development and understanding children's multiplicative thinking development in the context of schools. She has extensive experience working with preservice teachers and in school contexts with teachers to support student learning of concepts in number and operation. In addition, she has worked with teachers to develop and implement curriculum for students, including those receiving special education services but served in general education mathematics classrooms. Of particular interest to Dr. Kastberg is the development of opportunities to use and learn mathematics in the context of other academic disciplines. She served on the editorial panel for the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (2007- 2010) and served as an editorial member and panel liaison for the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education special issue exploring equity through the lenses of power and identity.

Published Resources