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A FiCycle Analysis of GameStop

In this personal finance lesson, students will analyze the value of a stock to a long-term investor.
Key Concepts: Financial Investments, Investing, Money
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Making a Budget - It Is All Spending!

Students discover that all elements of a budget are essentially spending on goods and services.
Key Concepts: Decision Making, Goods and Services, Income…
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Financial Fitness for Life: Chapter 14

In this economics webinar, learn how rates change, affect economic activity and relate to inflation and recession. 
Key Concepts: Inflation, Opportunity Cost, Productive Resources
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Car Loan Project

In this personal finance lesson, students will evaluate different advertisements about cars to learn about the car buying process.
Key Concepts: Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Scarcity
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Would You Demand It?

In this economics lesson, students will compare demand and quantity demanded to learn about consumer behavior.
Key Concepts: Demand
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I Can Be an Entrepreneur

In this personal finance lesson, students explore entrepreneurship by earning money and advertising their business. Learners are given advice on...
Key Concepts: Entrepreneurs, Profit
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Exchange Rates: How Money Affects Trade

In this economics lesson, students will compute exchange rates to learn their impact on international trade.
Key Concepts: Markets and Prices, Trade, Exchange and Interdependence
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