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Buying on Credit

This personal finance lesson discusses the costs of credit in a manner that helps students calculate those costs and integrate...
Key Concepts: Credit Card, Interest, Secured Debt…

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Shark Scam: Money Tales

Students read about two scheming sharks and decide were to invest their money.
Key Concepts: Financial Investments, Goods and Services, Money

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PBS-NOVA Financial Lab

Managing money is hard! Even when you know what you should do, it can be hard to actually do it....
Key Concepts: Budgeting, Opportunity Cost, Saving

Do Businesses Have Social Responsibility?

In Lesson #6 of the Ethics, Economics, and Social Issues curriculum, students will participate in a simulation and discussion to...
Key Concepts: Business Costs and Revenues, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Profit

Preparing Your Form 1040

In this personal finance lesson, students will use an IRS Form 1040 to calculate personal income tax.
Key Concepts: Taxes

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College Money Matters

Make smart decisions that maximize your college choices and minimize your debt.
Key Concepts: Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Personal Finance Economics, Saving and Investing

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Inflation 101

In this lesson, you will learn about what inflation is, why you should care about it, and how the Federal...
Key Concepts: Inflation

Characteristics of Money

In this personal finance activity, students will match terms related to money with their definitions.
Key Concepts: Characteristics of Money

What Was a Dollar Worth?

In this personal finance activity, students will examine changes in the value of money over time.
Key Concepts: Financial Investments, Inflation, Money

Comparing Pizza Prices

In this economics activity, students will explain the difference in price for two similar products.
Key Concepts: Markets and Prices

Stock Market Quiz

In this personal finance activity, students will define key terms related to the stock market.
Key Concepts: Financial Investments, Financial Markets