Cybersecurity, Economics and Personal Finance

How do you avoid identity theft? What kinds of information and photos are least risky to post on social media? How do students avoid running up a bill on their parents’ credit cards while they’re using an app? How do you recognize false information on the internet? These are a sample of the questions answered in these cybersecurity lessons for grades 3-8 as we explore basic concepts in economics and personal finance.


Where Did You Come From?

In this multiple intelligences lesson the students figure out why the United States imports some goods that we can grow...
Key Concepts: Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, Specialization, Trade, Exchange and Interdependence
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Goldi and the Three Passwords Video

What goes into making up a "just-right" password? In this video, and its accompanying lesson plan, students learn about how...
Key Concepts: Choice, Credit, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis…
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Appily Ever After Video

Ana has a big problem. She accidentally spent almost $100 on in-app purchases while playing on her favorite princess app....
Key Concepts: Consumers, Credit, Goods and Services
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