Cybersecurity, Economics and Personal Finance

How do you avoid identity theft? What kinds of information and photos are least risky to post on social media? How do students avoid running up a bill on their parents’ credit cards while they’re using an app? How do you recognize false information on the internet? These are a sample of the questions answered in these cybersecurity lessons for grades 3-8 as we explore basic concepts in economics and personal finance.



Goldi and the Three Passwords Video

What goes into making up a "just-right" password? In this video, and its accompanying lesson plan, students learn about how...
Key Concepts: Choice, Credit, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis…

Appily Ever After Video

Ana has a big problem. She accidentally spent almost $100 on in-app purchases while playing on her favorite princess app....
Key Concepts: Consumers, Credit, Goods and Services