Grade 6-8, 9-12

Comparative Advantage Interactive

Time: 15 mins,
Updated: June 21 2023,

In this economics interactive, students will be able to explore the benefits of specialization and trade.


  • The exercise involves two individuals, each capable of producing two different goods. Their names are randomly assigned from a list of names.
  • You will see two names displayed inside colored boxes, representing the two individuals. Next to each name, there is a slider indicating the number of hours that person will work.
  • Adjust the sliders by dragging them left or right to allocate the number of hours for each person. You can allocate a maximum of 6 hours to each person.
  • As you move the sliders, the information about the number of goods produced by each person will update dynamically.
  • Try to allocate the time in a way that maximizes the total number of goods produced by both individuals.
  • If your allocation achieves the maximum production, a message will appear congratulating you and displaying the total number of goods produced.