Grade 6-8

Financial Fitness for Life – Middle School Test Examiner’s Manual

Updated: August 7 2018,



Financial Fitness For Life Upper Elementary Test Manual
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The Financial Fitness for Life: Middle School Test (FFFL-MS Test) is a standardized test for measuring the achievement of middle school students in courses that use the Financial Fitness for Life curriculum materials and in other courses that emphasize instruction in personal finance. The test should be a valuable tool for assessing what middle school students know about the basics of personal finance and related concepts in economics and business education.

The purposes of this Financial Fitness for Life: Middle School Test Examiner’s Manual are threefold. First, it provides test users with a detailed description of the personal finance and economics content on the test so they are fully informed about test coverage and rationale for each item. Second, it explains how the test should be administered to students and also discusses the possible uses of the test for assessment and instruction. Third, it presents statistical evidence documenting the reliability and validity of the test as an achievement measure of middle school personal finance. The manual should provide test users with the information they need to administer the test and interpret the results.

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