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Hey, Get a Job!

The second of a two-part unit on income-earning endeavors, this lesson has students choose a job or business to engage...
Key Concepts: Budgeting, Entrepreneurs
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I Can Be an Entrepreneur

In this personal finance lesson, students explore entrepreneurship by earning money and advertising their business. Learners are given advice on...
Key Concepts: Entrepreneurs, Profit
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Taxation without Representation?

This lesson will take students through the series of tax acts that were enacted by the British government and disputed...
Key Concepts: Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, Budget Deficits and Public Debt, Economic Systems…
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The Mystery of is it Mine or Ours?

Did you ride to school on a road today? Yesterday did you skate in a public park? Maybe Mom or...
Key Concepts: Economic Systems, Goods and Services, Roles of Government
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Who Is Working?

This lesson teaches students what economists mean when they talk about people who are employed, unemployed, and not in the...
Key Concepts: Division of Labor/Specialization, Employment and Unemployment, Roles of Government
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What Do People Want to Wear?

To stay in business, fashion merchandisers must be able to anticipate what consumers want. By looking at different retail websites,...
Key Concepts: Demand, Markets and Prices
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Bringing the Market to the Farm

Students learn how community supported agriculture (CSAs) is changing the relationship between the farmer and the consumer.
Key Concepts: Choice, Consumers, Goods and Services…
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Fill 'er up, Please

Americans drive more than 2.6 trillion miles per year, that's 14,000 round trips to the sun! And for the most...
Key Concepts: Choice, Consumers, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis…
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One is Silver and the Other's Gold

Students learn about the money supply and that it can affect the value of money. Students investigate this in the...
Key Concepts: Economic Institutions, Fiscal Policy, Markets and Prices…
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Why Work Now?

Why do people work so hard? Why aren't you just assigned a job that you are interested in and get...
Key Concepts: Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, Division of Labor/Specialization, Goods and Services
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Marketplace: Let's Go Euro!

With the start of the new year in 2002, the 12 members of the European Union launched a single currency...
Key Concepts: Foreign Exchange, Productivity, Trade, Exchange and Interdependence
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Improving on the Original

What makes something worth marketing? This lesson focuses on the distinction between marketing a new product or licensing it to...
Key Concepts: Entrepreneurs
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Interactive National Budget Simulator

Adjust the numbers in this interactive to see if you can balance the budget. This interactive is intended for use...
Key Concepts: Budgeting, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, GDP
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It Pays to Stay in School

In this personal finance lesson, students will analyze and develop stay-in-school incentive programs for a group of students.
Key Concepts: Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments, Division of Labor/Specialization, Incentives
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