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Consumers Video and Quiz

This video teaches the concept of Consumers. Consumers are powerful in a market economy, and the economic choices of consumers...
Key Concepts: Consumers, Demand, Goods and Services…
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EconEdLink Overview

This video is a basic introduction to the features of EconEdLink. It takes a look at the three most important...
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EconEdLink Workshop Overview

This video is from an EconEdLink workshop held at the National Center for Economic and Financial Education. Teachers learn how...
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A New Coat for Anna - Barter and Trade

By reading the book "A New Coat for Anna" students will learn about resources and trade/bartering through a young girl,...
Key Concepts: Barter, Money, Resources
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Funny Money or Phony Money?

Money is what we use to show what goods or services are worth. When you do work, you are paid...
Key Concepts: Markets and Prices
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The Mitten

This is a folktale retold by Jan Brett about a little boy whose grandmother knits him a pair of snow...
Key Concepts: Scarcity
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Toys for Me: A Lesson on Choice

Updated! In this elementary economics lesson, students will categorize and prioritize their wants to learn about scarcity and choice. Scarcity...
Key Concepts: Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Opportunity Cost, Scarcity…
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We are Consumers and Producers

In this economics lesson, students learn how they and family members fulfill the roles of producers and consumers.
Key Concepts: Consumers, Goods and Services, Producers
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What is Competition?

Students will understand what businesses are, that a marketplace exists whenever buyers and sellers exchange goods and services, and that...
Key Concepts: Business Costs and Revenues, Consumers, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis…
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Clipping Coupons

In this lesson, students will calculate savings for different products when using coupons. They will also decide what factors will...
Key Concepts: Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Incentive, Markets and Prices…
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The ABCs of Saving

In this personal finance lesson, students will learn about short and long term goals in order to be a successful...
Key Concepts: Opportunity Cost, Saving
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