Grade 9-12

How Can You Apply Ethics and Economics to Any Issue?

Time: 45 mins,
Updated: June 20 2023,
Author: Jamie Wagner


Students will be able to:

  • Apply ethics and economic frameworks to choices in current events, public policies, or other issues.
  • Critique current events, public policies, or other issues based on three ethical frameworks.
  • Support or oppose an economic decision using a framework for applying ethics to the economic way of thinking.


A Guide to the Ethics,Economics, and Social Issues Curriculum

This lesson is designed to provide teachers a guide to using the curriculum in the Ethics, Economics, and Social Issues collection. This guide will provide key ideas from the curriculum. Additionally, this lesson will provide a template for teachers to use to think about ethics in any situation. Throughout the year there are often policy changes, public issues, or captivating news stories that can be used in the classroom. This guide provides the tools to think about these events like an economist using an ethical lens. The lessons in the collection are not meant to be taught in a specific order and can be added in throughout any introductory economics course (at the high school or college level).