Grade 6-8

Identifying Advertising Strategies

Time: 20 mins,
Updated: January 10 2024,


Students will be able to:

  • Identify strategies used in advertising.

In this economics activity, students will identify different strategies used in commercials.


This individual activity requires students to view a video Top 5 Ads (commercials) to Analyze for Middle School – YouTube containing advertisements and complete a Worksheet or ReadyAssessment Activity about strategies used in advertising. There are six primary strategies that advertisers use to encourage us to buy their products. These include using famous people, using experts, using ordinary people, using music/sounds effects/images/color, using funny or emotional stories, and using words or claims. You can facilitate student work be checking their answers in real time with the answers. To complete this activity, students should follow the instructions below:

  1. Watch the video called Top 5 Ads (commercials) to Analyze for Middle School
  2. Complete either the Worksheet or ReadyAssessment Activity
  3. Be sure to pay special attention to the five commercials and the strategies used in each of them. You need that information to complete your assignment.


Here’s a link to 2022’s Super Bowl commercials to analyze and use as homework or extra credit.

Best Superbowl Ads to Teach + Analyze – 2022