Grade 6-8, 9-12

The Costs and Benefits of Hosting the Olympics

Time: 45 mins,
Updated: July 9 2024,


The student will be able to:

  • identify the costs and benefits of hosting the Olympic games.
  • create a persuasive poster that represents the benefit of hosting or the costs of hosting the Olympic games.


Teacher Preparation

Print out a copy of the Student Handout for each student.

Students will need an internet-connected device to complete the activity in class.

Warm Up/Bellringer

Display PowerPoint: Costs and Benefits of Hosting the Olympics and ask students “What’s Your Favorite Olympic Sport?”

Introducing the Concept

Display slides 3 – 5 which ask students to watch short videos and write down the reasons why a city would want to host and then the reasons why they would not want to host.

Introduce the concepts of costs and benefits using Slide 6.


Display slide 7 and distribute the Student Handout: Economics of Hosting the Olympics.

Give students time to read from and to find a resource that supports their stance.   See list of Research References if students need help.

Have students compile their stance into a poster or billboard.   See examples of student work. Examples of Student Assignments

Exit Slip

Display slide 8.   Your state could receive a $5 Billion Dollar grant from the federal government to host the 2036 Summer Games or the 2038 Winter Games.  What would you advise your governor to do?  Host or not?  Why or why not?