Grade 9-12

Tracking a Stock

Time: 20 mins,
Updated: January 25 2022,


Students will be able to:

  • Explain factors that affect stock prices.

In this personal finance activity, students will examine factors affecting stock prices.


This is an individual activity that will require students to track the history of a change in stock prices for a specific company. While the historical nature of the stock does not accurately predict future price changes, it can help students understand the various factors that influence the price of an individual stock. Students will select and company that has been listed on the stock exchange for at least 20 years by researching on Google Finance. They will then go to Tracking a stock and complete either the Tracking a Stock Quizizz or Tracking a Stock Worksheet. To complete this activity, students need to follow the directions below:

  1. Select a company on Google Finance that has been listed on a stock exchange for at least 20 years.
  2. Go to Tracking a Stock
  3. Play the Tracking a Stock Quizizz or answer the questions with the Tracking a Stock Worksheet