Grade 9-12

Transitioning to Driverless Cars

Time: 30 mins,
Updated: December 2 2021,


Students will be able to:

  • Predict changes in the demand and supply of goods and servicies in a transition to driverless vehicles.

In this economics activity, students identify changes in markets affected by a driveless society.


This is an individual activity where students will identify and explain the effect that a driverless society would have on the supply and demand of various goods and services by completing one of the following: QuizizzWorksheet or the ReadyAssessments Activity. As the potential of driverless vehicles becomes closer to reality, the markets for goods and services will be impacted. That means a change in the supply and demand of various products will also be changing. You can facilitate student work by checking the answer key in real time. To complete this activity, students need to follow the directions below:

  1. Complete the activity in one of the following formats: the Markets Affected by Transitioning to a Driverless Society QuizizzTransitioning to a Driverless Society Worksheet or the ReadyAssessments Activity.
  2. Determine if the demand and supply of the products listed will increase or decrease.
  3. Then, identify two additional goods or services that would be impacted, noting the potential change in demand and supply.