Grade 9-12

What is a Bond? | Lesson Demo

Updated: June 30 2012,
Author: barrel fan
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This video is a classroom demonstration of Lesson 5: What is a Bond? from CEE’s Learning Earning and Investing for a New Generation publication (Lesson 6 in the previous version). Students learn what bonds are and how bonds work. They learn basic terminology related to bonds. They participate in a simulation activity aimed at showing that bonds are certificates of indebtedness, similar to an IOU note. Finally, they explore credit ratings in order to determine the relationship between ratings and bond coupons. The video starts with an introduction by two educators describing the lesson, followed by a demonstration of the lesson being taught to teachers in the classroom.

This lesson was originally published in CEE’s Learning Earning and Investing for a New Generation, which introduces students to the world of personal finance through 21 lessons that provide active learning experiences to help students master the basics of investing. Visit the CEE Store for more information about the publication and how to purchase it.