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Professional Development

The Council for Economic Education offers free professional development training wherever you are. Watch a webinar for a minimum of 45 minutes and you will receive a certificate of completion within 24 hours. Click here to learn how to use our webinars for professional development hours.

Edtech Webinar Series

This webinar collection focuses on best practices and strategies for using edtech tools and incorporating them into personal finance and economics lessons. Our Master Teachers provide step-by-step instructions for tools like Kahoot, Google Classroom, Intuit TurboTax and Mint, and more.

Introduction to Kahoot!

In this personal finance and economics webinar, teachers will learn how to use Kahoot!, an EdTech tool, in the classroom.
Key Concepts: Incentives
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EdTech and Economics

In this webinar, teachers will learn how to utilize various technological tools and resources to engage students online.
Key Concepts: Taxation
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