Grade 3-5, 6-8
On-Demand Webinar

Homelessness in Children’s Literature Series: Choices, Changes, and Untended Consequences

Time: 60 mins,


In this webinar teachers will be able to:

  • Understand that popular children’s literature is an effective tool to teach economic concepts and social commentary.
  • Review classroom-ready lessons and activities that emphasize the economic concepts of scarcity, decision-making, choices, and opportunity cost.
  • Implement instructional methods that involve the students in creative problem solving.

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This webinar features chapter books recounting the hardships of homelessness that work as survival stories while teaching basic economic concepts. The main character in these books are experiencing the very real problems of hunger, parental illness, limited resources, and social stigma. Their stories teach valuable life-lessons concerning choices, decision- making and creative problem solving. Featured titles include “Crenshaw”, “Stay”, and “Shelter.” Webinar attendees will receive classroom-ready lessons and an annotated bibliography.