On-Demand Webinar

NEW Monetary Policy: The Past, The Present, The Future and Easy to Understand!

Time: 60 mins,
Presenter: Steven Reff


In this webinar, on-level high school economics educators will be able to:

  • instruct their students about how monetary policy today with ample reserves and how it affects the economy moving forward.
  • skip teaching monetary policy of the past (limited reserves) when teaching an on-level high school economics course, saving the teacher time to teach more about financial literacy. NOTE: AP Macroeconomics teachers still have to teach BOTH ample reserves and limited reserves.
  • use their computer projection system inside their classroom to use the interactive graphs, game, and flow charts to bring the NEW monetary policy of ample reserves alive inside their classrooms.

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In this webinar, teachers will use online, interactive learning activities to present to students about NEW Monetary Policy to both on-level high school students and AP Macroeconomics students: The Past (10 minutes) – Teachers will be able to present to students how monetary policy has changed moving from monetary policy with limited reserves (from the Great Recession of 2008) to a policy of ample reserves (2019). The Present (10 minutes) – Teachers will be able to present to students an interactive dartboard game relating to the topics of the 1977 Dual Mandate (maximum employment, stable prices), along with the topics of the FOMC target inflation rate of 2%, and the natural rate of unemployment. The Future (35 minutes) – Teachers will use interactive lessons, graphs, and flow charts to present to students the NEW Monetary Policy of Ample Reserves using the FOMC Statements and the FED Press Releases after each of the 8 FOMC meetings. There will be a 5-minute question and answer session at the end of the webinar.