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Grade 9-12
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Saved By the Bell…Ringers: Entrance/Exit Tickets for the AP Econ Classroom

Updated: August 29 2023


In this webinar teachers will be able to:

  • Introduce new material in an easy, non-intimidating manner
  • Conduct informal assessments to gauge student learning
  • Collect data on student confidence for unit review / exam prep


Do you struggle with pacing in your AP econ classroom? Do your students get frustrated when they have difficulty comprehending certain concepts or the economics way of thinking? Good news! Both these problems can be solved using five-minute introductory and informal assessment activities. You’ll gain a resource to better track student performance and understanding with instant feedback, before formal assessments roll around and it’s too late. Entry/exit tickets also offer an opportunity to support your students with strategies for reviewing strengths and weaknesses before the AP exam.
AP/IB Economics