Grade 9-12
On-Demand Webinar

Winter Institute: Personal Finance Activities for Earning Income, Savings and Investing

Time: 75 mins,
Presenter: cfitzthum Fitzthum


In this session teachers will:

  • Master interactive strategies to teach personal finance basics, such as earning income, saving, and investing, through hands-on activities.
  • Discover and evaluate a range of resources and tools that can be directly applied to their teaching practice.
  • Design and develop engaging, interactive lesson plans that effectively engage students with the subject matter.
  • Apply personal finance concepts to real-life situations, enhancing students’ practical understanding through contextual learning.



The Winter Institute’s activity-based session on Personal Finance for High School Education is an immersive professional development experience designed to equip educators with the practical skills and resources needed to bring the subject of personal finance to life in the classroom. This hands-on workshop aligns with National and Jump$tart Standards in personal finance education, offering a blend of collaborative activities, real-world application exercises, and peer discussions. Educators will engage in a series of interactive modules focused on the fundamentals of earning income, savings, and investing, all structured to foster an engaging learning environment for students.