New Lesson Plans, Activities, Videos, and Games

Can We End Housing Insecurity?

Students compare the economic costs and benefits of helping people who are experiencing housing insecurity and consider the ethical implications.
Key Concepts: Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Role of Government

Should Private Companies Operate Prisons?

Students analyze and rank the four general goals of corrections to help them determine their personal beliefs about what prisons...
Key Concepts: Incentives, Opportunity Cost, Profit…

Can You Be Fashionable and Ethical?

Students “produce” blue jeans and make business choices about production to simulate the decision of changing from more expensive, but...
Key Concepts: Costs of Production, Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Externalities…

What Can We Do About Pollution?

Students play charades to mimic noise pollution and consider the question "what can be done if someone's choices are putting...
Key Concepts: Externalities, Markets and Prices, Role of Government

What is the Most Ethical Way to Fund Public Schools?

Students analyze documents, create a school-funding graphic organizer, and write an email to their state representative with their plan to...
Key Concepts: Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Opportunity Cost, Role of Government

Compound Interest Video and Quiz

In this personal finance video, students will learn about compound interest and play a Kahoot! game.
Key Concepts: Compounding, Economic Institutions, Interest

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