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Market Structures Activity

In this economics drag and drop, students will learn about the different types of market structures. 
Key Concepts: Competition and Market Structures
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Keynes vs. Classical Tool

In this economics interactive, users will play a drag and drop interactive to find the difference between Keynesian theory and...
Key Concepts: Keynesian Theory, New Classical Theory
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Comparative Advantage Interactive

In this economics interactive, students will be able to explore the benefits of specialization and trade. 
Key Concepts: Comparative Advantage
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Can You Allocate Ethically?

In Lesson #4 from the Ethics, Economics, and Social Issues curriculum, students work in groups to analyze allocation methods, apply...
Key Concepts: Allocation, Decision Making, Incentives…
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Does Self-Interest Prevent Economic Justice?

In Lesson #7 0f the Ethics, Economics, and Social Issues curriculum, students explore basic ideas of justice by examing government...
Key Concepts: Decision Making/Cost-Benefit Analysis, Incentives, Veil of Ignorance
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