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UBI: What is Universal Basic Income?

In this economics webinar, discuss inequality and the controversial concept every that a set amount of cash can protect against...
Key Concepts: Consumers, Distribution of Income, Opportunity Cost
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Financial Fitness for Life: Chapter 14

In this economics webinar, learn how rates change, affect economic activity and relate to inflation and recession. 
Key Concepts: Inflation, Opportunity Cost, Productive Resources
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Just How Powerful is the Fed Chair?

In this economics webinar, teach the tools and functions of the Federal Reserve, and how much influence the Chair has.
Key Concepts: Economics, Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve
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Mint By Intuit, Pt. 1

In this personal finance webinar, Jared Davidove from Intuit will guide teachers through engaging students using FinTech.
Key Concepts: Budgeting, Credit
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