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Grade 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Stock Prices and the Super Bowl

Updated: February 7 2024,

The Monday after the Super Bowl,  students will be talking about the commercials.  Super Bowl commercials have developed into their own event, complete with enthusiastic fans. Media experts pit the advertising agencies that produced the commercials against each other in an “Advertising Super Bowl.”

For a 30-second Super Bowl commercial this year, companies will pay CBS, the network that will broadcast Super Bowl LVIII,  $7 million dollars. AdAge reported in November 2023 that despite the cost, ad spaces were sold out.

This lesson, updated to reflect 2024 ads, created by Allen Cox and Vincent Young for the SIFMA Foundation for Investor Education’s Stock Market Game asks students to analyze the stock prices of companies who buy ad time during the Super Bowl.   Did that advertising positively impact stock prices?  Is it worth the multimillion dollar price tag?